# How to Help Ukrainian people and army

Without additional weaponry, Russo-Ukrainian war will become an endless bloodbath, spreading misery, suffering, and destruction. Please pressure your politicians into providing aid to Ukraine. Here's the list of what Ukraine Needs (opens new window)

# QR codes for quick donation

List of QR codes to help Ukraine

# Help the Ukrainian army


# Help Ukrainian refugees

# Hire Ukrainians

# Help animals in Ukraine

# Get information from reliable sources & share it on social media

# Ask for a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

# Help fight propaganda

Stop Russian lies. If you work for a company that allows Russian propaganda (Meta, Google, Microsoft), please pressure your management to block Russian propaganda. Alternatively, visit this website (opens new window) for instructions.

If you're more technical, you can use scripts like this (opens new window) with residential socks proxies. The list of websites can be found on the IT Army of Ukraine Telegram channel (opens new window). Marketers are also wanted to participate in information warfare.

# Don't fund war

Boycott companies still doing business in Russia

# Protest

Protest against the barbaric Russian aggression. Show your support for Ukraine in your cities. Demand more sanctions for Russia and more aid to Ukraine from your government. Here's how to find an upcoming protest:

# Petitions

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